12th Step Intergroup

Shenandoah Valley District #22, VA Area #71


The 12th Step Intergroup along with the Valley Intergroup form the Shenandoah Valley District #22 of the Virginia Area #71 of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.).

540-434-8870 (24-hour answering service in English & Español)

E-mail: info@12thstepintergroup.com


**12th Step Intergroup Business Meeting held at 5:00 PM on the first Saturday of each month.  Any member of AA is welcome to attend.**

Meetings are held at The Club, 120 Waterman Dr, Harrisonburg, VA (sr, X)


Our website launched January 5, 2013, please promote it at the A.A. meetings you attend so that all groups and members are aware that it is now online and is here to help communicate important information and happenings in our intergroup, district, and area.